Leather Cleaning and Repair

Bay Shore Cleaners provides leather garment cleaning, alterations, and repair services. Once we receive your leather garment it generally takes between 7-10 days to complete the cleaning and restoration of your garment. 

Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of leather and suede garments. Leather's unique characteristics, such as its ability to breath and visible properties such as vein, tick, and scar marks (beauty marks) require special understanding and knowledge in order to professionally clean. Leather garments and accessories use various dyeing and pigmentation techniques to achieve different appearances and effects. Understanding colors, dyes, pigmentation, and garment construction, along with characteristics of different types of leather is what the professional offers. We take pride in understanding the work that we perform. All items that Bay Shore Cleaners processes are cleaned, refinished, and pressed as part of our cleaning service.

Providing a professional leather cleaning service is not just about the cleaning. The refinishing or recoloring of a leather garment is the most vital part of producing a high-quality piece. Without the color restoration process, true professional leather cleaning is not being provided. We have decades of experience in restoring colors. We mix colors from scratch to match each garment. 

Providing professional leather service also requires a repair and alteration staff that understands garment construction. Our crew of seamstresses and tailors are talented. They allow us to offer a wide variety of alterations and repairs. Their abilities strengthen the quality of our service. Their abilities allow us to remove and replace hardware, disassemble, and reassemble pieces to clean delicate items separately, along with fulfilling customer's requested repairs. We replace zippers, buttons, make new linings, shorten sleeves and more. A full line of service is available.

Services Offered

  • Leather Garment Cleaning Jackets, coats, motorcycle gear, varsity jackets, shirts, blouses and more
  • Suede Garment Cleaning
  • Footwear cleaning from Flip-flops to UGG boots
  • Handbags, wallets, clutches, coin purses cleaning and re-coloring
  • Leather Saddles and equestrian goods
  • Repairs and Alterations for leather and suede
  • Water Repellent Only applications


Accessories such as handbags and wallets are part of every person’s wardrobe. Bay Shore Cleaners provides expert cleaning and color restoration. We remove stains and spills from daily use. We can touch up the color on the entire bag or just parts of the bag.